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HEY r/startups redditor!

Running a start-up is fucking hard. We've been there.

Late nights, side gigs, and an overwhelming fogginess occassionally taking over your brain. Trying to build a viable business while learning about "storytelling for your brand", the latest instagram fads designed to "get you noticed", and balancing your finances.

Get rid of the start-up fog with a free personal consultation.

We provide founders with structure, a clear vision and an actionable plan for their start-up. For free.

What will you get from the personal consultation?

What do we get out of the consultation?

A future client? A referal? A kick-ass review? We're not sure what we might get out of it, but we believe everything you put out there comes back to you. So let's spread the love.



Our consultation is designed to help you better your proposition, identify your advantages and define your target market.



With a better understanding your business model we will brainstorm creative and cost-effective ways to reach out to your audience in a way that resonates and matters.



Together we will help you identify a clear route to market and establish a framework to put ideas into practise.


Guerilla Gorilla provided excellent insights and plenty of actionable steps in order to promote our online game app and grow user base. Would definitely use the consulting service again as Kristian is a very knowledgeable person in his field and pleasant to converse with.
Would highly recommend his services to anyone wanting to grow their online business project.

John/ 2KBGames

Could not recommend them enough! They have helped us massively across all of our Social Media platforms, and when we have struggled always pointed us in the right direction.

Georgia/ KJN Home Improvement

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