Multi-Channel Agency



We seek to find only the most creative and interesting individuals to join our posse of online influencers.

Real creatives with real dedicated followings to ensure our campaigns are engaging in ways that matter.

We match your brand to personalities

Our posse consists of (and is not limited to):

  1. Street Artists/ Graffiti Writers

  2. Urban Photographers

  3. Musicians/ DJs

  4. Alt Models

  5. Gamers/ Streamers

  6. Content Creators/ Comedy Accounts

  7. Skaters/ Surfers

  8. Parkour/ Stunt athletes

  9. Podcasters

Small followings real connections

Find your niche and love it.

We don't believe in influencers with millions of generic followers. We invest in charismatic individuals with smaller but highly loyal and engaged followings. Campaigns become ultra-targeted and resonate in a real way with real people. 

Invest in real connections, not likes.

Campaigns that resonate

Whether designing a micro-campaign targeting an ultra-niche, or a mass awareness movement across our influencer network, we ensure it's authentic.

We only take on brands with products or services we believe in. This ensures that the authenticity of our campaigns and our relationship with our posse is never compromised. Targeted and clever campaigns that feel intimate whether they involve 5 or 500+ influencers. 

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